My 2020 Book Buying Ban

My 2020 Book Buying Ban

Books are so magical. They transport you to different places and take you on journeys that you may never take in real life. I can’t express to you how much I love books, but you should know, because I’m an author, right?

So, it may come as a surprise that I put myself on a book buying ban. Being an author, you might think that I would want to buy as many books as possible to help support my fellow writers. Of course, I want to buy lots of books. I could spend hours in a book store picking out armfuls of titles to take home and curl up with. But, there’s just this little problem called space.

I happened to marry someone who is like me with books, except he prefers those of the business and economic variety – and let me tell you, those books are huge. My bookshelves are filled with thick titles about money and the stock market and there is very little space for my romantic fiction and motivational titles.

To combat this, I put us both on book buying bans for 2020 with the promise that any books we really wanted could become our Christmas gifts to each other. I’ve spent the year borrowing books from the library so that I could try before I buy and it’s stopped me from cluttering up space with books that I don’t love.

So, which books did I love enough to buy? You’ll find out after Christmas!

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