Recent Reads // December

December was full on. There was Christmas, birthday parties, end of year work and a bout of the stomach flu to keep me either super busy or bed-ridden. There was zero in-between.

I started quite a few books and audiobooks this month, but with the craziness going on in and around me, I only finished two of the books that I started.

In December, I started reading In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren, I Give My Marriage a Year by Holly Wainwright and The Space Between by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. I started listening to Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb and Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella.

But I found myself mid-way through most of these titles before giving up and giving in to working my butt off or lazing on the lounge watching old television series.

Yep. December was crazy. But I did manage to finish a couple of books that had been in my TBR pile for a while.


In December, I finished off The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman. This book was sweet, though it didn’t get me overly excited. I loved that Nina’s character was funny and realistic in dealing with anxiety and I thought the ending was very clever.

I also started and finished Tweet Cute by Emma Lord. Young adult fiction is one of my favourite genres because it captures that teen crush giddiness and anticipation that you don’t necessarily carry through life (especially when you’ve been married forever). I found Tweet Cute a little slow at first but then I was so invested in the characters and intrigued by the twist that I had to finish it off.

What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these titles? Let me know if I’ve put down one that I should keep going with.

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