It’s here. My first book The Boring Job Project has officially been released and is available on Amazon, Booktopia, Kobo or AbeBooks.

Now that we’re almost a couple of weeks into 2021, we might be starting to settle onto the reality that it’s not much different from last year (unfortunately). But, it hasn’t escaped us from adopting a fresh hope of what 2021 will be like. New year, new you, new job?

Maybe not.

The new year comes with a sense of making yourself over. There’s a sense of reinvention in the air and a motivation to change the things that you’re unhappy with. But, if you think that maybe your job needs changing, maybe it’s actually the things you do outside of work that need a refresh.

Hear me out. My job was perfect in almost every way – except one. It was boring as all heck. I’m talking Google-random-stuff-make-multiple-cups-of-tea-eat-your-way-to-happiness boredom. Turns out, it wasn’t my job that was the problem. My job was actually great. It was me that needed a shake up in the hours outside of work to really appreciate it.

I took my project management skills home and started a personal project that I dubbed The Boring Job Project. I sought to find hobbies and interests that fulfilled me outside of work. I wanted to put the life in work-life balance. I wanted something to look forward to on the weekends that didn’t involve staring at a screen.

I made a list of hobbies that I wanted to try and hobbies that were popular, trying to make sure I didn’t set myself up for failure by choosing things I knew I wouldn’t like. Then, I spent time on them. I gave them all a fair chance and experimented to see if my attitude to work changed when I wasn’t boring outside of work too.

The Boring Job Project is my exploration of finding job satisfaction outside of the nine to five. I spent so much time reading about ways to decrease your boredom at work and the most common things I was told to do was ask for more work (more boring work?), network or quit. None of those were solutions for me.

And so, I started my journey to finding what my interests really were.

Sometimes, when you become an adult, it can be easy to let go of the things you found enjoyable before you had to take on more responsibilities. For me, I’d been so busy during my early adult years that I had forgotten to do things for enjoyment once I finished work for the day.

Get your copy of The Boring Job Project now to see which hobbies stuck and which ones I chucked and leave me a review on goodreads.

the boring job project now on sale

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