When I started The Boring Job Project, I made a list of all the hobbies I wanted to try. Then, I went a step further and searched the internet for lists of hobbies and added some more that I might be interested in.

I ended up with quite a long list, but I was lucky enough to have the time to try them all out and see which ones stuck and which ones I could chuck. Take a peek at five of the hobbies I tried out and pick up your copy of The Boring Job Project to see how I went.


This one might be fairly obvious if you already follow me on Instagram; I love reading. When I was growing up, I used to visit the library every school holidays to stock up on books. I loved nothing more than taking a break from school with books that I didn’t have to write essays on and losing myself in another city or world.

When I started university, there wasn’t much time to read for fun and by the time I started working full-time I was also planning a wedding, getting used to living out of home, starting a side hustle and trying to stay both healthy and social. Phew!

Reading fell off the radar, but during The Boring Job Project, I remembered how much I loved absorbing myself in the imagination of someone else and fell back in love with it.

woman laying on bed with lots of fiction books


Clothes and fashion have always been an interest of mine, even if I only actually wear a steady mixture of black, white, grey and light denim. Ever since I used to dress up my Barbies, I dreamed of having a job in fashion, whether it be designing or wearing or writing about it. I never ended up having a paid job in fashion, but I certainly did enough of it for free while I was interning.

While my career may not be over yet, which means there is still plenty of time to pretend I’m going to try and move back into that industry, I decided to add customising clothes to my hobby list.


Is there anything better than coming home after a long day of work to a delicious meal? What about if you come home and have to cook that meal? Since moving out of home, I decided to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

I tested out meals that I’d been meaning to try and baked new sweets. My favourite part? Getting to lick the bowl, of course.


Back when I was a single lady living with my parents, I developed an obsession with YouTube and beautiful eyeshadow palettes. I used to spend hundreds of dollars at Sephora or Mecca and every morning, my makeup routine would involve approximately fourteen steps – at least!

Fast forward a few years and I have drawers full of makeup products that have barely been used. During The Boring Job Project, I decided to break out the palettes and experiment with my makeup and turn it into an art form as a creative outlet.

How did I go? Pick up a copy of The Boring Job Project to find out.


Along with my love of reading, when I was growing up I also loved to write. My mum would send me to weekend writing courses and I’d spend time working on writing the stories I wanted to read when I got home from school.

When you grow up, your creativity tends to drop because you become consumed by the monotony of adulthood. During The Boring Job Project I wanted to find the enjoyment that I used to get from writing and see where it went. Well, I guess you know a little about that already…

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