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If there’s any month to focus on yourself, it’s January. It’s that fresh-start-new-year-new-you vibe that makes you want to assess yourself, where you are now and where you want to be.

I’m not big on making New Years’ resolutions because if there is something I want to change, I don’t want to wait until a certain date to do it. But, I do have some goals that I would like to achieve in 2021 and I’d love you to share yours in the comments.

Finish editing my next book

I’ve had a very exciting start to 2021 because I published my first book, The Boring Job Project. It’s been a rollercoaster January and I’d like to keep up the momentum. I have completed a first draft of my next book and I want to finish editing it before the end of the year. If I could publish it, it would be a bonus!

My next book focuses on the way Instagram and social media changes our expectations of travel how we think we should be spending our time off. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up to my ARC team for a free, early copy of my book.

Finish my first fiction book

During NaNoWriMo last year, I wrote 50,000 words towards my first novel. I’ve always wanted to write fiction, I just haven’t had the discipline to finish a story – and trust me, I’ve started and made my way halfway through at least six. In 2021, I want to finish my first fiction book, find a great critique partner and some honest beta readers and dive in head first. 

If romcoms are what you love and you’re interested in being a beta reader or a critique partner, send me an email so I can get in contact with you.

Read more of what I love

I mentioned in my book that I don’t want to read books just because everyone else is reading them. I know romantic comedies and romance novels are often made fun of in literary circles, but they’re my absolute favourite genre and if I’m going to spend my leisure time reading, I obviously want it to be something I enjoy.

Do more things for fun

Work can get a little crazy sometimes. Life can get a little crazy sometimes. No matter how much you want to be a good mum, be a good employee, eat right, exercise, drink enough water, write to your schedule, have a clean house and get eight hours of sleep every night…you just can’t do it all.

In 2021, I want to make sure I still work hard but that I make enough time to not just relax, but also have fun!

What are your intentions for 2021?


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