Recent Reads // March

Recent Reads // March

Can you even believe we’re in April already? I’m sure you’ve heard that so many times today, but this year (like every other) seems to be flying by.

March has been a whirlwind month for me between home renovations, work and family. I’ve finally overcome my burnout and am slowly getting back into the swing of things – which includes reading. While I’ve only made it through two books this month, I’m happy to report that I’ve just binge-read my first book of April, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign for the rest of the month.

Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

I loved this book. Loved it.

I’m not sure much more I can say about it. It was an inside peek at modern life and dating in your thirties, complete with crap men, fraying friendships and ageing parents from the view of a very independent woman called Nina George Dean.

This book was the kind of laugh-out-loud-cry-real-tears experience that gave me the biggest book hangover I’ve ever had. I listened to this on audiobook, but I went out and bought the paperback immediately after I finished the audiobook. I will say, though, I’m glad I listened to it on audiobook because I feel it really immersed me in the life of the main character.

I’ve read some reviews that marked this book poorly. They made valid points. I understood them. But, also, as a married-in-my-twenties-with-a-child type person, who doesn’t take life very seriously at all, I thought it was amazing. Hilarious, relatable and beautifully written.

ghosts audiobook playing on iphone

Every Step of the Way by Anna Lindgren

First of all, I want to thank Anna for an advanced reader copy of Every Step of the Way in exchange for an honest review, and congratulate her on the release of the book!

This was such a sweet, healing romance. I’ve been reading a lot of novels with sassy main characters who are full of fire, so it was a change to read about Cammie, who can – no doubt – hold her own, but is also healing a life-long broken heart.

And then there’s Jake. What do I say about patient, sweet, loyal Jake? I think the way he respects Cammie’s pace says it all. He goes through the human emotions that anyone would, but he doesn’t give up. And, maybe – just maybe – I’m a little bias because he reminds me of my husband.

It’s a great debut from the indie author and a set up for the next book in the story that will explore the relationship between Cammie and Jake’s best friends, Hilary and Ryan.

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