January Update: Reading, Watching, Listening and Life

Okay, so this month didn’t go exactly to plan. Not that life ever does, but I really didn’t think that I’d be spending the last two weeks of January in the hospital – but we’ll get to that.


I started 2022 on a great note for my reading list. I bought four new books that I’ve seen all over my Instagram, picked up some much-anticipated reads from the library and filled my ebook and audiobook cues with some exciting titles. But, life got in the way a little, and I only finished two books during the month.

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is the first book I’ve read by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I know I’m a little late to the party, but seriously, I was hooked from the beginning. I loved the back and forth between then and now at the party, and the different perspectives of all the characters. TJR’s writing is so beautiful and the nostalgic 70’s vibes washed over me for a perfect summer read.

You’ll love this if: you wished you were born in the 50’s so you could experience the Californian 70’s.

American Royals by Katharine McGee

I read a lot of poor reviews on this book, but I can’t say I totally agree. I loved the American Royals take on life with privileged new adults and the glamour of royalty, if Americans had such a thing. It gave me total Gossip Girl vibes with the drama and secrecy and beautiful people. It is a very light read that mostly focuses on character interactions that I assume are setting up the second book. I do think four characters perspectives was one too many and it did take me a hot second to figure out who was who.

You’ll love this if: you’re looking for some light teenage drama with love triangles and a bit of glamour.


The Witcher (Season 2)

Um, hello. Is Henry Cavill not more attractive as The Witcher than in any other role or real life? It’s the brooding, grunting thing, I think. It would drive me absolutely nuts in real life, but there’s something about the blonde wig that makes it great. We binged The Witcher – hard! Polished it off within a matter of days, which is very impressive for us and our manic schedules.

I’ve never been much of a fantasy fan, though my husband does try to rope me in, but I really enjoyed The Witcher‘s impressive effects and multiple story lines.

Cheer (Season 2)

When you’re lying in a hospital bed, what else are you going to do except binge a season of something. Cheer was my escape from the terrible shape that I was in. As someone who used to cheer, watching these seriously impressive teams with their mixtures of personalities and coaching styles was a throwback. Now, I want to move to Texas and put my kids in cheerleading. Is that too much?

Emily In Paris (Season 2)

How could I not with Emily in Paris? Emily is so ridiculous in both outfits and life that she is impossible to resist. And even though the show is about Emily, the side characters are what really make it. If you haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil the ending, but if you’re not Team Alfie, you can sit down.

Old Favourites – No Strings Attached and What Happens in Vegas

For some reason, I forgot that Ashton Kutcher was ever in anything other than Punk’d and Dude, Where’s My Car?. Yep, I totally had both of those on DVD. But, when my Netflix suggested these two, I watched them back to back in my hospital bed and they totally cheered me up. I don’t want to acknowledge the questions that are in the back of my mind about the plot or plausibility. I will choose to ignore them and remember that I enjoyed these fun movies.


For those of you not following me on Instagram, I’ve been growing twins in my humongous belly for the last half of 2021. Not expected to be induced until early February, I was surprised when my waters broke at four in the morning in mid-January. Almost two days later, my tiny twinnies were born at thirty-four and a half weeks and were whisked away to cook a little more in their humidicribs.

I then spent the next two weeks in hospital, suffering from a complication from the epidural – it happens! You’re always taking a risk when you allow someone to put a needle in your spine. More details on that in a separate blog post, but needless to say, not a lot of writing was done this month. I’m still getting to know my girls and trying to get into a good swing of things to get back into it, but for now, I’m just trying to wrangle a toddler and two little monkeys.


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