My WIP in Tropes

There’s a reason that last week’s post was reflecting on my favourite romance novel tropes. I’m dedicating time to my romantic comedy draft and I realised that it encompasses my favourite tropes (duh!).

This week, to motivate myself to continue with my edits and start the process of introducing you to my first novel (!), I thought I’d give you the run down on what you can expect from it.

Fake Dating

Fake dating is one of my favourite romance tropes, so it makes sense that it would be the main theme in my book. My hero finds himself in a situation that might have cost him his job had the heroine not stepped in to save him by pretending to be his girlfriend. While it was quick thinking on her part, it may not have been her best moment in decision-making, but it’s his mistake that takes the lie a step further when he accidentally proposes.

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Forced Proximity

They work together every day, but now they find themselves will a slew of company events coming up where they need to show themselves off as a couple. As if working together wasn’t bad enough when you’re pretending to date your colleague, my main characters might find themselves in a situation where there is only one bed available. It’s all part of the game in a rom com.

Frenemies to Lovers

While not exactly enemies, these two aren’t really friends either. At least, they didn’t think they were but it turns out that working together as closely as they do means that they know more about each other than they think. They skim the line between friends and enemies on the daily, but you can probably guess what they become by the end of the story.

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