March Update: Reading, Watching, Listening and Life


We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This by Rachel Lynn Solomon

I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did, but I had trouble connecting with the main character when she was so fixated on something that happened so long ago.

This book has a lot of diverse representation, but I felt that some of the issues were put in there just to be put in there.

You’ll love this if: your parents forced you to play an obscure instrument in high school.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

I think I was in love with Dr Adam Carlsen after the first chapter. In love. There’s something about the tall, brooding hero that throws sarcasm your way that dragged me in. While there were things in The Love Hypothesis that I didn’t love, like some of the cringey situations and some of the dialogue, I loved the overall storyline.

It was a fast and light read that I absolutely sped through.

You’ll love this if: you’ve ever had a crush on a hot nerd.

You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry

Given that I loved Beach Read, I picked up You and Me on Vacation (People We Meet on Vacation in other countries) with much enthusiasm. This friends-to-lovers story has flashbacks to the last twelve years of friendship between chapters of the present. It was sweet, but when I put it down with a few chapters to go, it took a while for me to pick it back up.

You’ll love this if: you’ve missed out on travelling with your bestie because of COVID.


Love and Other Puzzles by Kimberley Allsopp

Classed as a rom com and with rom com references littered throughout, Love and Other Puzzles is Kimberley Allsopp’s debut. Parts of Rory resonated with me; low ranking journalism in Sydney and not exactly loving it and an obsession with rom coms, to be specific, but there wasn’t that much of a rom com element. Definitely comedy, but the romance part was a little scarce as her relationship with her boyfriend breaks down and the love interest is mostly just on her mind.

This was a story was a little bit of millennial confusion and a lesson in how love changes. Things change and you should be open to that, even if it means needing to change a whole lot that you thought you had planned out.

I really enjoyed this book. It had hilarious moments and ridiculous scenarios and a lot of Australian charm.

You’ll love this if: you’ve seen every rom com known to man and love to pick out references.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover, what kind of witch magician are you? You made me feel the feels. I was angry and sad and torn and then I found out that the movie is coming!

It Ends With Us is a portrayal of Lily Bloom’s relationships and the limit that we put on ourselves for love. Through journal excerpts, we see Lily’s teenage life and her relationship with her first love who reappears in the present.

Make sure to listen to or read the author’s note about this book. I didn’t cry throughout the book, but this author’s note made the tears flow.

You’ll love this if: you like feeling your heart get smashed to smithereens.

Born to be Mild Podcast

I’ve followed Kelsey Boyanzhu since she first started her Blondes and Bagels blog. I’ve watched her YouTube videos and liked her Instagram posts, but her podcast is by far my favourite. She is hilarious. She even has an episode on reading romance novels, which I highly recommend.


Inventing Anna

Look, I know she was convicted and is a criminal, but I couldn’t help but admire Anna’s drive and determination to make something happen. This Netflix limited series had me hooked from the start. Whether it was fact or fiction didn’t necessarily matter to me because Anna’s sharp wit and blunt one-liners were hilarious.

After watching The Tinder Swindler last month, Inventing Anna was a fantastic follow up. Next up in Netflix exposing frauds: Bad Vegan.

Brett Conti

I’ve had a craving for New York City this month. I’ve been there once, and while I didn’t completely fall in love with the city straight away, there is something about the vibes in New York that just stick with you. While scouring YouTube for something to watch during the many hours of baby feeding, I came across Brett Conti.

I’ve become a total Brett Conti fan this month, watching video after video where he is based in New York City. It’s not exactly inspiration because I’m craving a different kind of New York, but it’s definitely entertaining watching how he lives life as a YouTuber in the city that never sleeps.

Byron Baes

You can keep your judgement on this one because I’m not even embarrassed about watching the latest Australian reality. I have never been to Byron Bay, but I feel like this show plays to stereotypes so well that it’s almost satire. My husband screws up his face in disgust every time it’s playing when he enters the room, and honestly, that’s almost reason enough to watch it.


I can’t believe the twins are already two months old. In true naive-new-mum style, I had planned to do so much more writing about my twin experience and I have done nothing. On the plus side, I’m enjoying time with my twinnies and I’m watching them grow out of all their cute tiny clothes. With March done and dusted, I know I only have a finite amount of time with them before I will need to start working outside of the home again.

In saying that, I’ve made some progress on my rom com novel! I’m slowly cleaning it up and moving things around and I’m so excited to actually have it moving. I may only get to work on it for one hour three or four times per week, but that power hour is at least showing results.

We finally had some sunshine in Sydney after weeks of downpours. We’ve been lucky enough to avoid major damage from the floods. If you’re looking to support people who have been affected, you can see how you can help here.

In other life news, usually the lead up to Easter has me snacking on mini eggs. This year, I haven’t opened one single Easter chocolate that has been sitting in my fridge waiting to be gifted to someone. I have, however, been eating so many choc-chip brioche hot cross buns. I will never eat a normal hot cross bun again so long as the brioche ones exist.

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  1. I’ve been exploring the romance genre recently, and was put off by Colleen Hoover’s Verity. But maybe that’s not a good title to judge her by. Might give It Ends With Us a try. Thanks for this post!


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