The Honest Twin Diaries: The Four Month Sleep Regression

Yep. We all know having twins is hard. It’s two babies. It’s mathematically proven to be harder than one.

But, I’ve been so lucky. I can’t really complain about my twinnies. They’ve been quite relaxed and smiley – so far. That was until they reached the four month sleep regression.

I didn’t dabble into researching sleep regressions or leaps much with my singleton because – let’s be honest – she was hard work. I had a very difficult time getting her to sleep. She woke every two hours during the night until she was six or so months old. And during the day, I was lucky if I could get half hour naps out of her – even after the same amount of time spent bobbing her around or patting and shushing her to sleep. It was a horrendous time.

So, when the twins were sleeping a solid six or seven hours, I was cheering. That was until they started waking every two hours during the night.

Had I done something wrong? I didn’t have a particular night time routine for them, so I moved to trial and error, doing my best to replicate other nights when they had a stellar sleep. I rearranged their bed layers, switched them to sleeping bags, put them in the shower and dimmed all the lights before bed.

Every night I’d climb into my bed with a newfound hope that this was the one. This was it. This would be the night that I would find the right combination and I would finally have a nice chunk of sleep.

Let me tell you, there was no magic combination.

Like everything to do with babies, it pays to remember that it’s just a season. Seasons come and seasons go. Reading too much into everything to do with your baby can make things more stressful than if you just follow your baby’s cues and give them what they need. What they need is you.

It passes. Babies don’t stay babies forever. Kids don’t stay kids forever. You won’t be missing out on your sleep forever. I know sometimes it can be hard to appreciate the time with them when you’re sleep deprived and over-touched, when your head hurts from the screaming in your ear and you’re covered in bodily fluids that aren’t yours. It’s hard. Parenting is hard.

But, at the end of the day, all they need is you.

I’m choosing to go with my babies’ needs and read into them instead of reading so much into what they ‘should’ be doing.


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