Meet the Author

There’s some new faces around my blog and my Instagram, so I thought it would be the perfect time to reintroduce myself.

First of all, I want to thank you for stopping by. I love being part of the reading and writing community online.

The Basics

I’m a mum of three under three which includes my twin girls. Life is crazy busy and there are good days and bad days. I have a background in the corporate world, which is why my first book The Boring Job Project was all about my journey to finding fulfilment outside of work. Not everyone has to love their job and not everyone will, which is why it’s important to find something you’re passionate about outside of your nine to five.

How did you start your writing career?

I never set out to write The Boring Job Project. I’ve always wanted to write fiction. I was just looking for ways to find a bit more fulfilment outside of my corporate job, and I thought I bet other people feel like this too. From then, I started documenting all the different hobbies I tried and The Boring Job Project was born!

What are you currently working on?

I know I started my writing career with a non-fiction, but I’ve always wanted to write novels. I love reading and I’m always day-dreaming about the characters that I’ve created in my head. This year, I’ve committed myself to finishing the draft of my first rom-com novel. I’m about a third of the way through a first edit and I’m really pleased with how it’s going, even if I don’t have much time to work on it because of those pesky kidlets (joking, obviously).

You can read about my WIP in tropes here.

Tell me about your writing space.

I write on a laptop, so I can work from anywhere. However, I feel like I write the best when I’m sitting at my desk or kitchen table near the floor to ceiling windows that overlook my backyard. I can have my cup of tea next to me and a candle burning (watermelon or passionfruit and lime) so it gives the illusion that I’m in a calm space and not the laundry-toys-and-crumbs bomb that I’m actually in.

How do you overcome writer’s block?

I try to read my favourite books or do things that give me time to let my mind wander – like going for a walk or doing the dishes.

What’s your ultimate writing goal?

I would love to write full time one day, but at the moment, all I’m looking to do is finish my novel.

What’s your drink order?

I’m so boring. I’m a water drinker most of the time, but if I’m at a cafe, I’m very much into iced coffee or blended mochas at the moment. Three under three is no joke and 2022 has made me a coffee drinker.

What’s your favourite takeout?

I’m a McDonald’s girl, through and through. This might be different if I lived in America where they have a waaaay better range of takeout options (hello, Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out), but I can’t go past a triple cheeseburger and fries dipped in ice cream. We have also have a local food truck that I adore but it’s not accessible every night and that’s a problem for when the cravings hit.

What’s your ultimate holiday?

I prefer cities over beaches and hotels over camping. I like small towns and road trips too. No matter where I go, I want to share it with my husband who is my bestie. I always come back with waaaay too many photos.


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