June Update: Reading, Watching Listening and Life


The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

Okay, you got me. Technically, I finished this one in May. I’ve read four Sarah Adams books now and have come to realise that if you’re looking for conflict, you’re not going to get it. What you are going to get is a cute, fluffy read with a guaranteed happily ever after. You’re going to get sweet heroines and even sweeter book boyfriends.

The Cheat Sheet was a sugary fake-dating-friends-to-lovers swoon fest and if I had read it when I was a teenager, I would probably tell you that was the dream I had in my head – that my best friend was a hot pro football player who was secretly in love with me.

You’ll love this if: you want a book like a ray of sunshine.

A Brush with Love by Mazey Eddings

When I first saw the beautiful cover of this book, I assumed it was something to do with art. Then I read the blurb and realised it was about dental students and I got a lot more excited. I fell in love with Dan straight away. He was gorgeous and patient and caring. Harper was going through some hard stuff and he was always trying to help.

I loved that this book had very real issues in it from family pressures and guilt tripping to paralysing anxiety. It drew me in straight away and the characters were very likeable. Plus, the dental aspect was unlike anything I’d read before and I found it (and Dan’s attitude to it) very entertaining.

You’ll love this if: you’re looking for mental health representation in your romance novels

The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

A pair of co-authors wrote a story about a pair of co-authors – and it was lovely. The Roughest Draft was one of those stories that alludes to a big event that happened that you can’t wait to find out about. It is written in present and past tense along with a juxtaposition to the book that the characters are writing.

I thought this book was sweet and a fun, summery read, even if I didn’t find the characters particularly gripping. The cover is my favourite of the year so far.


Apartment Hunting in NYC

For once, YouTube got my recommended videos right and I was intrigued when I saw a video pop up with promises of apartment hunting in New York City that also revealed the prices. Since that first video, I’ve been hooked. I have virtually viewed way too many apartments and I’m absolutely appalled at the costs that are charged and what people are willing to pay. I mean, I get it. It’s New York freaking City, but the rent! Wow.


Bangers from last decade

My husband and I were sitting in a restaurant on a Tuesday night with our little family when a song from our clubbing days came on. It gave me total nostalgia for my early twenties, so I’ve been playing hits that remind me of nights spent sweating it out in basement clubs and days driving with the windows down.


We are now officially half of the way through 2022 and my mind is absolutely boggled. The year has been going at a speed racer pace. I’ve been spending my days having fun with my daughters and doing writing sprints during their coordinated nap time. Surprisingly, I hit my goal of being two thirds of my way through the draft of my novel by the end of June. I really didn’t think I was going to get there, but I buckled down and I made it. I’m hoping to be finished with the last third by the end of July so that I can do a whole read through and edit during August and identify the (many) plot holes that need fixing.

I’m so excited to be making progress on this and at the prospect of taking more time off work to watch my girls grow up and to work on my novel. Watch this space for more updates!


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