August Wrap Up: Reading, Listening, Watching and Life


Mad About You by Mhairi McFarlane

Mhairi McFarlane is one of my favourite authors. In fact, I think she is my number one favourite author. I love the way she writes a story and creates characters and has me totally sucked in from the first chapter.

Mad About You delves into some deeper issues in relationships like coercive control, gaslighting and emotional abuse. Yet, it still managed to remain upbeat and funny. It’s a story of female friendships and bouncing back from past traumas.

You’ll love this if: you’ve ever wanted to out a crappy ex.

On a Night Like This by Lindsey Kelk

On a Night Like This was a funny and charming retelling of Cinderella. It was fun and easy to read. This is the first book I’ve read by Lindsey Kelk and I can see why her chick lit is so popular.

You’ll love this if: you’ve ever dreamed of being a celebrity.

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend by Lauren Blakely

I’m not sure I totally got the Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend plot and storyline, but it was a fun read either way.

I thought this book was quite funny and the characters were very likeable. Though, I did have to Google ‘Harry Styles hair’ to see what was so attractive about it and I’m not convinced. Maybe it only goes with the British accent.

You’ll love this if: you’ve ever had a crush on a Brit.

In Case You Missed It by Lindsey Kelk

This book was hard for me to start because it seemed rather slow but once I got to know all the characters and their back stories, I was gripped. There were hilarious moments and I could totally relate to the main character wanting to go back to the way things were. This book is for you if you ever feel like everyone is moving on and you’ve remained stagnant.

You’ll love this if: you ever found out your dream job wasn’t really your dream job.

Filter This by Sophie White

Filter This is the intertwining story of Instagram influencers Ali and Shelly and their stories that include a behind-the-scenes look at influencer life. This book was hilarious and heartfelt and a tear or two may have been shed.

I’m not hot-hot on Instagram, but I don’t mind it and this book wasn’t meant to offend influencers. It just shows how what we portray online can be so, so different than the life we are really living and how many people use Instagram or social media in general as an escape.

What I didn’t love was that nothing was resolved because there is a second book and my library doesn’t have it. Hmmph.

You’ll love this if: you’ve ever been cynical about Instagram.


Never Have I Ever

Did I binge this in two days flat? Yes. Did I scream in the last episode? YES! Never Have I Ever seems to combine the high school angst and poor decisions with an adult sense of humour. I’m utterly obsessed with this show even though I probably shouldn’t be.


My sister was shocked that I had never seen Footloose (the original or the remake), so when I saw it pop up on my Netflix, I decided to give it a watch. It was…interesting. I loved the dancing. But that was about it.

Partner Track

I had such high hopes for this show! I was looking forward to a kind of Sex and the City mixed with Younger vibes, but I was really disappointed. I hate things being spelled out to me in shows and this show really just spelled everything out. In saying that, I loved the last few minutes of the last episode.

Wedding Season

This movie was so sweet! I adored it.


Well, everyone, after two years worth of bragging rights about not getting COVID, it finally caught up to us. I’m currently writing this from bed while the children are all napping. They all have COVID, but they have bounced back very quickly. COVID affects everyone differently, but for me, I suffered from 24 hours of violent, vomit-inducing migraines and now have the regular cold and flu symptoms.

On the writing and editing front, I’ve edited up to chapter eight of my novel and am equal parts frustrated and pleasantly surprised so far. My goal to have a final draft by the end of the year might still be in reach, but little was done this month due to appointments and sickness.

I’ve been doing a little unintentional social media detox this month. I’ve barely posted on Instagram and my phone screen time is down to just over one hour per day. I’ve been spending lots of time doing things instead of posting about doing things. Social media for me is a double edged sword. It’s important for my business, but at the same time, it takes away the time that I have to work on my writing. At the moment, I’m a little disenchanted with social media and I’m happy to spend more time in my real life.


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