November Wrap Up: Reading, Listening, Watching and Life


It’s official. November is the first month where I have finished zero books. None. A goose egg of reading. And it’s not because I was busy writing 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo or even editing my debut novel. It was just days of settling back into work, looking after my kids and cleaning up the never-ending mess they produce.

I started Love at First Spite, but despite its pretty cover – which is what drew me in – I couldn’t get into the storyline. It just wasn’t for me. Over on my Kindle, though, I have slowly been making my way through Maybe I Will which is the third book in the Love in New Orleans series by Melanie Jacobson. Hopefully December is a bit more fruitful for my reading.


Again, I haven’t finished anything this month, but I’m slowly listening to My Unapologetic Diaries by Joan Collins. It is hilarious and full of witty insight into the likes of Hollywood heavyweights in the 90s. I’m yet to get even half way through, but I can tell this will be one of my favourite light reads of the year.


Netflix has been serving up a slew of good things to watch – not to mention all the upcoming Christmas movies and December releases. My list is full of things that I want to get around to, but I’ve been bingeing Total Drama Island and Lockie Leonard, because obviously I’m having some nostalgia issues this month.


We’re getting ready for Christmas! That means presents, decorations and a draft menu are underway. Yes, I know. The Christmas tree usually goes up on the first of December, but this year it went up a week early because I felt like it.

It was also my daughter’s third birthday this month. I’m no longer a mum of three under three. We had a little dinner at home but all my daughter cared about was the cupcake that was covered in pink flamingo sprinkles.

I’m also thinking about what I want to achieve over the Christmas break and making the touch decision of putting the twins into daycare. There’s a lot to think about and not very much time to actually get it done in.

Other than that, life has been truly hectic. I’ve been working and trying to play the ‘fun mum’ character where I don’t just do chores while I’m looking after my kids. I have to remind myself that I will never get these years back and I should cherish them – even when I’m being vomited on at 3am. Lovely.


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