January. It’s supposed to be the fresh start that kicks off the tone of your year. My January has been more like a kick in the face. Life can really surprise you in the worst way.

To escape some sad news that my family has received, I’ve dived into work, writing and exercise. A healthy coping mechanism? Maybe, maybe not. A productive start to the new year? Surprisingly yes.


I DNF’ed two books this month because of the whole life is too short mindset. They just weren’t for me. I did, however, finish The Sizzle Paradox by Lily Menon which was a nice little distraction. The novel follows two grad student best friends who – surprise, surprise – are actually in love with each other. I thought adding in the scientific setting was a nice background to the story.

I also had the privilege of participating in a beta read for a fellow writer. I read the first half of her novel, which was cute – great setting, strong characters and an interesting plot – and it’s spurred me on to keep cracking the whip on editing my own novel.


Audiobooks, I’m back! I went off audiobooks a little bit because if I dare to have my ear buds in with the kids, all hell breaks loose. I have been working from home, so there haven’t been any long car trips to work.

This month, I’m back on the wagon. Driving a fair distance to see my family I’ve been able to finish The No Show by Beth O’Leary. I am an absolute monster because I can’t stand not being able to figure something out, so I Googled the ending – but even so, it didn’t disappoint. There were some tears, I’ll admit. But this book will make my top 10 of the entire year. It was clever and swoony and had lovely, lovely characters.


I have been obsessed with following the NFL this year. As I have been home, I’ve been able to have the game playing in the background while I work or look after my kids. I’m not a fan of Australian NRL, but I just find the vibe of NFL games and the whole culture of the sport very fun to watch. I was hoping the Dallas Cowboys might make the Super Bowl, or at least the Championships, but maybe next year…

In that same vein, I’ve been rewatching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders series on YouTube. These women provide an endless amount of inspiration for main characters, I’m telling you.

If you didn’t already know that I love impressive shows of athleticism with the first two, I also binged Fearless on Netflix. Bull riding is insane – I already knew that. But watching the detailed lives of these bull riders was just… I have no words. It’s impressive and terrifying to watch.

Life and Writing

I feel a little like I’ve been put in a washing machine this month. There’s no other way to describe the damp and spun-out feeling that washes over me every day lately.

There’s good and bad change coming. I’m tired but I can’t sleep. I know it’s normal to feel like this sometimes, but it feels like it will never end.

On a less depressing note, and the sunshine to even the rainiest of days, the twins turned one this month. They didn’t get the fanfare that my firstborn did amidst the messiness of Life Right Now, but they are crawling around and causing trouble for their older sister. My girls make me laugh (and probably yell) every single day and I’m so grateful for them.

In other news, I’m now addicted to the Coles Dreams Crumb True New York Choc Chip Cookies (for those in Australia). Any cookies that I save for my husband are a lie and I end up eating them anyway.

I’d love to hear about your first month of 2023. Drop a comment and tell me about your January.


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