How I’m Prepping for NaNo 2021

Wow. It has been a hot minute since I posted to my blog. So much has happened in the last five or six months. We’ve just come out of a four-month lockdown here in Sydney, Australia, which has me thinking that it’s still June. Did anyone else feel like time just stood still while they […]


I’m seriously impressed by the sheer number of books that I’ve made my way through this month. Well, I was, until I checked out #bookstagram and realised that reading five books in one month (six, if you include a beta read!) is child’s play compared to my online friends who power into double digits on […]


My relationship with horoscopes is a little weird. On one hand, I’m totally a Virgo and a lot of my personality traits match up with my star sign. On the other hand, I’m a complete cynic, scoffing whenever I’m reading a weekly horoscope, wondering how can they be true when they aim to serve a […]


The weather here has been snap-frozen like a bag of peas – by Sydney standards, anyway – which means that it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up inside with […]

Recent Reads // March

Can you even believe we’re in April already? I’m sure you’ve heard that so many times today, but this year (like every other) seems to be flying by. March has been […]

Self care

How I Overcome Burnout

Last week I wrote about burnout and interesting it was to compare countries and their workplace culture with the amount of stress that workers were feeling. My hometown of Sydney came […]

baby grabbing book

Are you suffering from burnout?

Suffering from burnout at some point is normal, but should it be? After all, it can be prevented. What is burnout? Burnout has (relatively) recently been registered with the World Health […]

A Day In My Life: Anne Novek

I can’t be the only one who is obsessed with those ‘A Day in My Life’ videos on YouTube. Surely, out of all the thousands of viewers these videos get, there […]

maybe you should talk to someone paperback by lori gottlieb and cup of tea in pink jumper

Recent Reads // February

You Know It’s Love by Jen Morris You Know It’s Love is the second book from indie author Jen Morris that explores the growing relationship between Cat and Myles. Where the […]

My New Year Netflix Binges

For some, the New Year is all about getting back into work and focusing on your goals. For me, the New Year is my busiest time at work and I find […]

woman holding phone with sophie kinsella audiobook and pineapple drink

Recent Reads // January

Love in the City by Jen Morris Love in the City is the first book from New Zealand indie author Jen Morris. For a first book, I was seriously impressed and […]

the boring job project book with cup of tea


If there’s any month to focus on yourself, it’s January. It’s that fresh-start-new-year-new-you vibe that makes you want to assess yourself, where you are now and where you want to be. […]


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