Sneak Peek!

My emotions at the moment are a heavily-blended mixture of excitement, nerves, tranquility and overwhelming fear. That seems impossible, but trust me, the sleepless nights that have nothing to do with my baby (nearly toddler!) are proof that it can happen. The reason for this emulsion of feelings is that I’ll be self-publishing my bookContinue reading “Sneak Peek!”

How Working From Home Has Made Me Comfortable

The other day, I did something amazing. I put on jeans. No one was coming over. I wasn’t leaving the house. No photographs were being taken. And I still put on jeans. Okay, they were jeggings. But the fact that they are skin tight and have three buttons and zip makes it more than count.Continue reading “How Working From Home Has Made Me Comfortable”

Ten Things To Know About Me

Hi, thanks for stopping by and let’s just get this nice-to-meet-you-awkwardness out of the way first. Oh, you don’t think the whole get-to-know-me-thing is a little awkward? Must just be me then. Phew. Is it hot in here or does meeting new people make you sweat too? Let’s just get to it, shall we? MyContinue reading “Ten Things To Know About Me”