Usually, February is the time of year when I feel sluggish and a bit restless with life. This year has been nothing like that. My February has been full of change and possibility and I’m curious to see what the future holds. It’s a reminder that no year is going to be the same and to take each day as it comes and letting God steer the ship.


It’s been a really good reading month because the two books that I read will both make it to my top 10 list for the year. Easily! When in Rome by Sarah Adams was so funny and sweet that I didn’t want it to end. Excited is an understatement to how I’m feeling for the second book in the series.

I also finished off Unnecessary Drama by Nina Kenwood, who also wrote It Sounded Better in my Head – which I also loved. Unnecessary Drama was so laugh out loud funny that my husband was often looking over at me asking me what I was laughing at. The new adult voice was done very well and even though I thought the last third could have been shortened a little, I’m completely in love with this book. It took me way back to my 18-year-old days at university and the unsettled feeling that comes with making big life changes and choices.


Last month was a little emotional for me, so I sought out some young adult audiobooks to lighten my mood. I was after something fluffy and sweet and stumbled upon two books by Beth Reekles; Rolling Dice and Out of Tune. These books aren’t new but have recently been made into audiobooks with updated covers. They were sweet enough and made for easy listening on some long drives. It also reminded me that being a teenager is full of cringe-worthy moments


I’m no crossfitter and I never plan to be, but watching the CrossFit Games is something that’s become somewhat of a tradition for me. I love watching people push their bodies to limits that I would never push mine to. The CrossFit Games isn’t on until August, but the season has started and I’ve found myself bingeing on CrossFit YouTube totally in awe of these athletes.

Speaking of people pushing their bodies, I loved Physical: 100, a South Korean reality show that pushes 100 contestants to their physical limits until only one person is left. There’s prize money involved but lots of the competitors were there to bring some publicity to their obscure sports. It was such fun to watch.

When two of my favourite actors team up to do a rom com, you know I’m there with bells on. Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher both starred in Your Place or Mine which fell a little flat for me, to be totally honest. Warning: spoilers ahead! I feel like there wasn’t much chemistry between the two and the friends to lovers trope isn’t my favourite. I’m not sure I’d feel the same as Debbie (Witherspoon) if I found what she found. Fans of friends to lovers may very well enjoy this a lot more.


Friends, as I mentioned last month, I’m reevaluating things. I’m making changes and I’m making plans and February has felt like an exciting and scary month.

I’ve spent time catching up with friends and family, going out to lunch too many times and, apparently, February is my month of appointments and check ups, so I got them all out of the way for the year. Nothing too exciting, but also necessary.

In March, I will be looking for a few beta readers to read the first half of my sweet rom com and get some feedback on my characters, plot and the general vibe of my novel. I’m so excited, but I also realise that I need to actually finish it at some point. No pressure!


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