3 Pre-Orders I’m VERY Excited For

It’s been a very good book year for me so far. Out of the 10 books I’ve read so far, four have already made it to my top of the year list. As a writer, it’s inspiring reading these types of books, and as a reader, it’s a whole lot of fun.

I’ve also been making a few book indulgences lately. I bought a physical copy of Better Than The Movies because I absolutely loved it, but I’ve also been buying books “sight-unseen”, if you will. After that purchase, I may have splashed out and bought seven books within a couple of days. This is very unlike me, but at the same time, very much like me.

Of those seven books, three of them are preorders due to hit my mailbox and my Kindle within the next 30 (or so) days – and I’m very excited. Following this streak of amazing reads over the first three months of the year, I’m convinced that these three pre-orders are going to be adding themselves to my top list of the year.

The first that I should be getting delivered straight to my door is Happy Place by Emily Henry. Beach Read and Book Lovers are two of my favourite books. I love Henry’s banter and chemistry between characters. I have no doubt that Happy Place will also make it to my favourites list. I’m betting it’s going to earn its place on my bookshelf, so I went ahead and pre-ordered it.

The second that I’m clearing my TBR for is Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams. When in Rome was hilarious and sweet and I’m placing bets on this one living up to the hype. I’ve ordered the eBook, but the cover is so cute it’s very tempting to add the paperback to my bulging bookshelf.

And finally, Desire or Defense by Leah Brunner will be my first sports romance for the year (or ever?). It’s a grumpy/sunshine, enemies-to-lovers hockey rom com and the teasers that Leah is sharing have me convinced that this is going to be a winner.

Have you made any preorders lately that you’re getting excited for?


One response to “3 Pre-Orders I’m VERY Excited For”

  1. […] easy to fly through a book when it was so addictive. Desire or Defense by Leah Brunner was one of my pre-orders expected in May. But – lucky me! – it came early! I love a grumpy x sunshine combo and […]


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